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Greetings fellow Whitehackers!

Greetings fellow Whitehackers!

It's March 29th and the last weekend of Google+ as the home of our awesome community. I would like to say a big thank you to all of our 443 members for making such wonderful contributions to our favourite Fantasy RPG. Looking back though all the posts you quickly realise what a fantastic job Christian has done with Whitehack. The system is near perfect, but remains very hackable and easily adaptable to the plethora of published settings and adventures out there.

So... where to now? Well as you may already know, we have a dedicated subreddit located at If you would like to continue participating, please join us there. All current content will will be available at so we don't loose all of our valueable content. I will attempt to import the data into Reddit at some point, I'll post about this on r/Whitehack.

Regarding the content we have accrued over the last few years, I'm plann…

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